Have you ever seen a pregnant woman?
She may be a member of your clan
All over the world, they look alike
As the push and walk with strength and might

Once, I asked my mum how it’s all about?
She told me I would know when I carry it about
Like an orange grows larger and larger gradually
So the baby in her womb kicks and kicks eagerly.

She sits on a chair and her abdomen bulges
She beckons on her husband to buy her goodies
Day by day time approaches and she prays God for favour
Very soon she thinks ‘I might go into labour’

The hospital now becomes regular port of call
She plays with her baby while the dewdrops fall
How she lies in the labour room shouting “Oh my God”
She hears her baby’s cry and breathes in “thank you God”

Every newborn child, every drop of rain, every golden ray of sun, each head of grain, all are gifts from God, they reveal his way Miracles performed by him sustain us each day.

A poem composed by ANAEKWE KINDNESS

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