WAEC/NECO Government Likely Obj Questions And Answers 2017/2018

We have concluded and also decided to help the SSCE Students by bringing out  likely questions and answers to each subjects for the upcoming NECO and WAEC Examinations.

NOTE:  that the below questions and answers are only for revision purposes and not the exact questions and answers to each subjects

WAEC/NECO Government Likely Objectives Questions And Answers 2017/2018

1.Confederal system of government means 
A Weak centre and powerful component units 
B Powerful centre and powerful component units 
C Weak component units and weak centre 
D Powerful centre and weak component units 
Confederal system of government means Weak centre and powerful component units. 

2.The primary aim of any political party is to
A. Remain in the opposition 
B. Control the government 
C. Ensure fair play in business 
D Pressurise the government 
The aim of political party is to control the government. 

3.Politics is practically demonstrated during 
A Parliamentary debates 
B Formation of political parties 
C Inter-party consultative meetings 
D Electioneering campaigns
Politics has been defined as "who" gets "what" and "how" politicians display their skill, determination to winning elections during electioneering campaign. This makes them do different things for this purpose. 

4.One of the prominent West African nationalist leaders was 
A Jomo Kenyatta 
B S.L. Akintola 
C Sekou Toure 
D Kwame Nkrumah 
Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana

5.The Secretary-General of the United Nations Organisation (UNO) is appointed for a period of 
A Five years 
B Seven years 
C Nine years 
D Three years 
It is a 5 years renewable (traditionally limited to 2 terms). 

6. In a federal system of government, the power shared between the central and state government is known as 
A Exclusive power 
B Concurrent power 
C Judicial power 
D Legislative power 
Concurrent power. 

7. Which of the following cannot be altered by a military coup d'etat? The 
A Legal System 
B Legislature 
C State 
D Constitution
No military coup d'etat can alter a state. 

8. The most visible feature of a state is 
A Defined geographical territory 
B Written constitution 
C Sovereign power 
D Compulsory membership 
Defined geographical territory is the most visible feature of a state.

9.Fundamental human rights are entrenched in constitutions purposely to 
A Guarantee the liberty of citizens 
B Promote good governance 
C Promote trade 
D Ensure freedom of speech 
Guarantee the liberty of citizens. 

10.The organ of government responsible for the implementation of policies in a state is the 
A Judiciary 
B Executive 
C Public Bureau 
D Legislature

11.Citizenship can be acquired through all of the following methods except 
A Naturalisation 
B Nationalisation 
C Marriage 
D Birth 
Nationalization is not a method of acquiring citizenship. 

12. Diplomatic and parliamentary put limitations on 
A Checks and balances 
B Separation of powers 
C Foreign policies 
D The rule of law 
Dipomatic and parliamentary put limitation on the principle of equality under the rule of law. 

13.Which of the following is a condition for granting citizenship to a foreigner? 
A registered member of a political party 
B Possession of a university degree 
C Possession of an international passport 
D Swearing an oath of allegiance 
The International Passport is a synonymy of national identity someone holds or possesses the international passport of his/her nationality.

14.Which of the following is a condition for granting citizenship to a foreigner? 
A registered member of a political party 
B Possession of a university degree 
C Possession of an international passport
D 0 Swearing an oath of allegiance 
The International Passport is a synonymy of national identity someone holds or possesses the international passport of his/her nationality. 

15. The practice of multi-party system in West Africa tends to promote 
A .Social discrimination 
B National integration 
C Economic integration 
D Sectionalism and factionalism 
Social discrimination. 

16. Which of the following is a function of pressure groups? 
A Serve as avenue for political victimization 
B Protect the interest of the government 
C Provide forum for the ventilation of grievances 
D Represent and protect the rich Ne
Pressure group provide forum for demonstration of grievances. 

17. The prerogative power resides with the 
A National assembly 
B Executive 
C Civil organisation 
D Ombudsman 
Prerogation of Mercy is the power vested on the head of executive to grand pardon to a condemned citizen/ criminal. 

18.'Casting vote' was one of the ways the Governor In British West Africa controlled the  A Native authority 
B Colonial secretary 
C Legislative council 
D Colonial treasure
The colonial Governor of British West Africa controlled the legislative council through "Casting Vote". 

19. Franchise is the right to 
A Vote and be voted for 
B Control the government 
C Ensure good governance 
D Express political views 
It is the right to express political views. 

20. Representative democracy is characterized by 
A Representation of the poor only 
B A politically educated elite 
C Rule of the interest groups 
D Free election and proper register of voters
Free election and proper register of voters 

21. An election held to fill a vacant post in the legislature due to the death or resignation of a member is called 
A Bye-election 
B Electoral college 
C Primary election 
D Run-off election 
Bye-election is an election held to fill a vacant post. 

22. Public opinion on the performance of the government is best measured by 
A The mass media 
B General elections 
C Parliamanetary debates 
D Military strength
General election is the best way of measuring the performance of the government and the popularity of it. 

23. A constitution that can be amended through ordinary law making process is said to be
A Flexible
B Unwritten
C Rigid
D Written
Unwritten constitution.

24. In the pre-colonial African political system, the function of the kingmakers were performed by
A Special people
B Women
C Council of elders
D Age grades
Clarification The function of kingmakers was perform by the council of elder during the pre-colonial period. Example is the Oyomesi of the Oyo-kingdom.

25. Public opinion is defined as the
A Reaction of pressure groups
B Sentiments of opposition parties
C Consesus of the mass media
D Aggregate views of the people
Aggregate views of the people.

26. Which of the following was the first print media used by nationalists to oppose colonialism in the British West Africa?
A Guardian Newspaper
B Daily Times
C West African Pilot
D Daily News
The first print media used by nationalist to oppose(the) colonialism in British West Africa was the West African Pilot

27. Quick decision making is an advantage of
A Republicanism
B Constitutionalis
C Federalism
D Unicameralism
Unicameralism one chamber of legislature. It enables quick decision making as there is no need for long processes or consultations.

28. The administrative structure adopted in the French colonial territories was
A For the development of African culture
B Focused mainly on traditional rulers
C Favourable to the African age grades
D More of a centralised administration
A more centralized administrative structure was adopted in the French colonial territory with the headquarters in France.

29. Laws promulgated by a military government are called
A 6 Proclamations
B Acts
C Decrees
D Bills
The name of laws made by a military government is called "decrease".

30.The method in which a group of people are interviewed on a specific political issue is called
A Opinion sampling
B Individual speech
C Individual writing
D Referendum
It is called opinion sampling.

31.The origin of the Commonwealth of Nations can be traced to
A Sovereignty of states
B World economic order
C Equality of states
D Colonial ties
The idea of commonwealth of Nations is to enhance and facilitate colonial ties.

32. The conferment of citizenship on a distinguished personality of another country is called
A Citizenship by registration
B Honorary citizenship
C Adoption
D Citizenship by birth
Honorary citizens is when a person is conferred with the citizenship of another country or a country on the basis of his [her contribution to the development of the country.

33. Which of the following is a feature of the Civil Service?
A Temporary tenure
B Impartiality
C Political activism
D Disloyalty
Impartiality is a feature.

34. The first black African to hold the position of UN Secretary-General was
A Nelson Mandela
B Kofi Annan
C Emeka Anyaoku
D Salim Ahmed Salim
Kofi Annan of Ghana was the first black Africa to hold the position of the UN Secretary- General.

35. Which of the following countries operates an unwritten constitution?
A Britain
B Canada
D Japan
Britain operates an Unwritten constitution as the laws can be found in different set & of documents.

36. Colonialism is defined as the
A Struggle against foreign domination
B Imposition of foreign rule on a territory
C Poljtical struggle for independence
D Economic dependence on developed nations
Colonialism is simply the imposition of foreign rule on a country. Examples are Indirect rule of Britain in Nigeria, Assimilation of France in Senegal, Aparthaid of Britain in South Africa etc.

37. Which of the following best defines government as an institution of the state?
A An institution established for class struggle
B The art through which political parties are managed
C Machinery established for exercising political power
D A process of organizing societal values
It is the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies, and states; direction of the affairs of a state, community, etc.

38. The set of attitudes and beliefs that determine that behaviour of citizens in a political system is called
A Socialisation
B Devolution
C Political culture
D Representation government
Political culture is everything that educates citizens about their political awareness.

39. Which of the following party systems best represents all shades of opinions?
A Multi-party
B Elite party
C Two-party
D One-party
Multi-party system is believed to represent all shades of opinion as it makes available diverse programmes.

40.The Pan-African Movements emerged as a result of
A African cultural heritage
B The growth of socialism in Europe
C European racial domination
D The formation of the African Union
Pan-African movement emerged as a result of the need to unite Africans.

41. A manifesto can be defined as the
A Opportunity to form a political party
B Power to rule the masses
C Proposed programmes of a political party
D Policy of a political party in power
Proposed programmes of a political party.

42. Which of the following exists in a one-party state?
A Only the workers' party is allowed to exist
B The ruling party is the only legal party
C Only the students' party is allowed to exist
D Elections to the legislature are held at the party's conference
The ruling party is the only legal party.

43. The following are the aims of an election except that
A A group sticks on to power
B The people determine who rules
C There is accountablity of the leaders
D There is a smooth change of government
Election is one of the ways through which transition of government is done.

44. A citizen is an individual who
A. Has the legal and political rights in a country
B Enjoys immunity in the country
C Has lived in a country for sometime
D Enjoys only economic rights
A citizens is a legal members of a society in which he has the citizenship.

45. Montesquieu's political theory of separation of powers was meant to
A Promote unity in government
B Enhance state security
C Prevent dictatorial rule
D Ensure social justice
Prevent dictatorial rule.

46. Which of the following is a reason for studying government?
A Knowledge of the rights of the individual
B Enables citizens to vote during elections
C Acquisition of skills to work in a state-owned industry
D Helps the individual to form a pressure group
The study of government enables us to know our rights.

47. The major source of local government revenue is
A Donations
B Grants from the central authority
C Income from investments
D Loans from finance institutions
The bulk of the local government revenue is from the federal government

48. The French policy of assimilation was based on the assumption that African culture was
A Expensive
B Superior
C Inferior
D Unpopular
Assimilation of the French colonial policy was based on the assumption that Africans are inferior.
49. The Civil Service is an administrative institution of
A .The executive arm of government
B A business enterprise
C Public corporations
D Para-military organisation
The executive arm of government

50. Which of the following systems of governments operates on the principles of checks and balances?
A Theocracy
B Monarchical
C Presidential
D Parliamentary
Presidential system of government operates on the platform of checks and balances as a result of separation of powers.

WAEC/NECO Government Likely Theory Questions And Answers 2017/2018
1a. Explain constitutionalism
Constitution is the fundamental laws, principles, customs, convention rules and regulations according to which the government of a country or an organization operates.  Constitutionalism on the other hand is the extent to which those in power adhere to the provision of the constitution.  This means that the activities of government and its officials should be in line with the provision of the constitution.

1b. State four factors that can promote constitutionalism
Impartial Judicial system
There must be check and balance There must be rule of law The constitution must be supreme Fundamental human right must be respected

2a. What is separation of power?
Separation of Power can be defined as the separation or division of political powers and functions among the three arms of government i.e. The executive, legislature and judiciary. i.e. Each arms of Government should work independently, without interference from other arms. For example, the executive should be solely involved in policy making and implementation or execution. Also that no arm of government should be allowed to perform more than one function to avoid tyranny victimisation and oppression of the citizens. Because power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely

3. Define parliamentarianism
It is a system whereby the head of state is different from the head of government and the legislative and executive power are fused.

3b. Identify four differences between parliamentary and presidential system of government
The ministers are individually responsible to the presidential system while fusion of power is practiced in the cabinent system.
The minister are individually responsible to the president and for their actions while the principle of collective responsibility is used in the cabinet system  -The president and his ministers are not members of the legislature in the presidential system but the prime minister and his ministers are members of the parliament
The president can be removed through the process of impeachment by the legislature while the prime minister and his cabinet can be removed through a vote of no confidence by the parliament

4. Define Public Opinion
Public opinion is widely shared View in a country. In practice, public opinion refers to Views which are strongly held by the more politically active and conscious citizens.

4b. Highlight three ways by which public opinion can be formed
It can be formed through the media It can be formed by political parties It can be formed by pressure groups, others are rumours and gossips

4c. In what three ways can public opinion be encouraged in your country?
Mass media Parliamentary Debates General Elections often provide the most important means of encouraging public opinion, too.

5a. Identify five officials used in the conduct of election on the polling day
Party agents Security agents e.g police INEC official
Collation officers Polling agents Returning officers 5b. State one functions of each of the officials identified in
5(a) Clarification Party agents: They are the representative of each party to watch over the conduct of the election of the election Security agents: They are in-charge of security of poling units INEC officials: They are the custodians of the election materials Polling agent: They are the one to return all election results, and unseen material to the [NBC office for collations

6a. Highlight any five functions of the Secretary of State for the colonies in the colonial period
He was the highest personnel in the colonies.he oversees all the colonies He represents the queen of england in any assignment in her colonies He appoints the governor general He only comes for important meetings to introduce new policies in the colonies He also plays a part in decision making.he is a member of the house of lords.

6b. State any two newspapers founded by nationalist in Nigeria after the Second World War
 Lagos Daily News by Herbert Macaulay West Africa Pilot by Nmamdi Azikiwe

6c. Highlight any four roles played by Local Newspaper in the struggle against colonial rule
It is a means of communication Development of indigenous press It is a means of educating the people in west Africa It is against Discrimination in the civil service It helps the rise of Trade Unions.  


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