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    Monday, 27 February 2017


      Excellence is a quality of being outstanding or a quality of standing out when compared to other’s performance. It is not a trait, hence it cannot be inherited. There is no one perfect way of achieving excellence academically; rather, it is how you apply the principles governing it that determines the outcome.
    Nothing good comes easy and so, excellence comes at a price and individuals have to understand it worth if they would be able to pay for it.
    Here are some tips that can help, though they are not exhaustive but they are starting points.

    1.    PUT GOD FIRST
    God is a God of excellence, and has blessed his children with an excellent spirit. He has given us all that pertains to life and goodliness. So, set your priorities right. God’s time in your life shouldn’t be compromised because you need him to sustain and see you through. The place of prayer in your academics is important, but it is not enough. Remember that faith without work is dead, meaning you can’t refuse to read and pray to pass. Don’t be expecting magic not faith. That means there’s human part and a God part if you are to succeed. Armed with this thought, what would you do? Play your own part and do your best; pray as if you will never read and read as if you will never pray.

    2.    PRIORITIZE
    A misplaced priority is a big issue for most people because they find it very difficult to order things according to their importance. You have to understand that your primary reason for being in school is to study in order to come out with good grades that will give you an edge in this highly competitive world; every other things is secondary such as clubs, associations, parties etc. how you channel your resources and apportion your time is a function of what your scale of preference is like. If your academics is important to you, you will invest your time, money and energy; you will do anything to get the right materials and textbooks to upgrade you and make you a better student, but if you pay more attention to trivial things; you might soon be on your way to failure.

    3.    SET A TARGET
    Start your semester with a sense of direction to give you an achievable target else, you will discover very late that you are studying aimlessly. Be ambitious and always aspire to be the best because you deserve it; don’t settle for less. Believe in yourself, set out plans and develop strategies to accomplish them. Setting targets ignite your passion and that is the driving force that will propel you towards excellence. Do you want distinctions? Start out early.


    5.    STAY FOCUSED

    As endless as TIME is, you cannot hold onto it. Time is one resource that you can’t renew, meaning that as the clock ticks and seconds count, you’re getting closer to your end no matter how old you live.
    Time management is the act of controlling and organizing events as they are being influenced by time; this has become a skill everyone must develop. And understand one thing, there is time for everything; time to admitted and time to graduate, time to study and time to write exams.
    Procrastination has eaten deep into the minds of some students such that everything is always for a later date, they start their day without proper planning on how to apportion their time and instead of controlling the events, they end up being controlled by them, they slump into beds at the end of each wasted day, wake up the next day worthlessly and remain the same. At the start of each semester, make a deliberate effort to plan your day, make a list of events and appointments and make sure you are disciplined enough to meet up. Again, time is a free but non-renewable resource, so spend each moment wisely.

    You are who you move with, is a very true statement. If you don’t want to be a mediocre, don’t make friends with one. The scripture says, iron sharpeneth iron and so does a man sharpen the countenance of his friend. You want to be a sharpened iron, don’t be friends with a wood. The same scripture also says, can two walk together unless they be agreed?
    Wood and iron can’t be in agreement, so they can’t walk together. Mingling with people of similar interests and goals.

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