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    Tuesday, 16 May 2017


    If you really need your girlfriend to always be happy with you and your treatment towards her? Fine, here is how to do it the best and very easy way.

    1 Give her some Respect
    Make her to know how much you love and care by respecting her ideas and not laughing at whatever she says. If you two have the same likes and dislikes, that is good, but do try to get used to what she likes to do and finally go for yourself. 
    2 Listen to what she says.
    Some girls always discourse a lot about their feelings towards you, friends, and family and if she is sad, let her put on you. Make sure that she is relaxed with telling you the evil things and the decent things. When she is crying, clean her tears and hug her while holding her hand. Allow her to feel secured with you and not insecure.

    3 When she is going for audition, try and go with her.
    Even when you were made to stand outside of the door when she is waiting or performing, try and CONTINUOUSLY be there with her. No matter the type audition, even if you don’t like what she is trying out for, stand by her side and protect her.

    4 On every occasion try and Give her gifts no matter how littel.
    For instance, on Valentine's Day, On Halloween, On Christmas, On her birthday, you don’t have to forget her birthday!  If you do she will cry. Bring her a thing she likes! For example, my girlfriend LOVES shoes, so if your girlfriend loves shoes, bring her a good quality shoes.

    5 Hold her hands while walking in public, even if you are feeling bad.
    If you are feeling bad, you two are not meant for true love yet. You guys really need to pride in your love and relationship, so try and show it. You want people to know, 'that they will not take your perfect Queen!' Remember it. Do not make out in public, a little hug here and then is fine. Embrace as much as you want.

    6 Try and do something new with her.
    Like visiting the amusement parks.

    7  Plan a lots of dates.

    8 Be very sure that the love you have with her is true love.
    Ordinarily it is but be careful. Do not lie to her. Be honest to yourself and her. Stay calm, that is one of the reasons she chose you not other guy, but you! She loves YOU so make sure that you love her back! And whenever she says no to anything, do not do it. It will make her to feel uncomfortable, better try not to.

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