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    Friday, 12 May 2017


    Once open a time, there is that one girl that you cannot just stop thinking about. Possibly she is previously your friend. Possibly she doesn't even know how to get in touch with you. Whatsoever could be the problem, you want to show her an impressed message that will make her to know how crazy you are about her. Various people go with poem or love letters, but if you don’t have the self-reliance or skill to do such a thing, writer her letter of admiration. There is No girl on this planet would ever reject one of these, and if you do it perfect, she will be both praised and empowered by what you have to talk.

    1 Choose that you actually admire her. If you don’t believe that she worth your admiration, then there is no need of writing to her.

    2 Outline all the things you admire about this girl. Concentration on character personalities, don’t start with her looks. This list is separate from your letter so that you can call it up as you write, should in case you disremember or overlook something whereas your writing.
    •  Things that you admire can be any personal worth or action that is not a physical characteristic. For example instead of telling her that her hair is fine or dresses, tell her that you admire her creativity or sense of taste.
    • Instead of telling her that she is a great competitor, tell her you admire her determination and persistence.

     3 Categorize the things that you respect into groups so that your letter will be organised and won't just sound odd. For Examples : personality characters, talents and abilities, and her opinions. 

    4       Start the letter as you would start any other letter. Write about yourself, your reason of writing, and what you are writing for. Detail your personality into it, but don't say anything too serious, like acknowledging your everlasting love for her or disclosing how you spent time thinking about her. Just stick to what you want her to know, that you admire her, and you want to disclose it to her. She will be happy being seen as an actual person instead of  a wanted after prize.

    5       The body of the letter should be.from your categories, write one to three sentences for each mannerism within that category. Give an examples of her indicating these characters, if you can think of anything. This will make her to know that you monitor her in anything she does. If she has ever been particularly nice or helpful to you, or has impacted your life in a major way , this is a good time to mention it. She will be happy that you don't take her for granted.

    ü Stick to things that are public understanding, like an achievement that received recognition or something that all of her friends would know. If you admit to knowing something that she doesn't expect you to know, you run the risk of scaring her off.

    6 Concluding the letter. The letter should be concluded with short summary of what you admire about her and how you feel about it. Once more, if your feelings are predominantly strong and she doesn’t know it yet, introduce this idea slowly. For the purpose of this letter, moderate strong romantic feeling to "I like and admire you and want to get to know you better" status. Finish with a closing like, "humbly yours, (your name)".

    7 Hand her over the letter. Make sure that she receives the letter. The only way to do make sure that the letter gets to her is by handing it over to her in person. If you leave it somewhere for her to find it, it may get moved or she may ignore or fail to notice it. If you give it to someone else to give to her, they may read it first or just forget to give it to her. Be courageous and just hand her the over letter. Having in mind that, you could mail it to her in system, but then you would have to explain why you want her mailing address. Good luck and happy writing.

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