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    Saturday, 13 May 2017


    You loved your guy so much but He dumped you. And you still love him and you want him back. To win a guy back after he has broke-up with you is not an easy job. The Only way to do it, is by being patience, loyalty and serious motivation can you try to get better your relationship with him. So, if you think within you that you are prepared to make that kind of commitment, get ready to make your attempt to win him back.


    Verse 1                       EVALUATE WHY YOU BREAK UP

    1 Contemplate why you really want him back.
    Ask yourself, why do I want him back? Reason on the kind of self-respect that he gives you. Does he speak well of multiple behaviors (minimum a little) that you exhibit? If for example he gives you a bad self-respect, possibly you should just move on.
    • A lover that is a bad impact, making you to drink always, overlook your duties and/or make unnatural choices, is someone that you should not go on with.
    • Can he be happy whenever you are with you – this will improve your successes or the little things that add meaning to your life.
    2 Find the reasons why he broke up with you.
    Ponder on what causes the break-up. How he reacted during the break-up with you? If he will tell you his reason of breaking up with you, then it will be easy for you to find the reason(s) (unless, of course, the break-up was the basic "it is not you, it is me" blaming each other’s); find out what he was not receiving out of the relationship.
    • Being a player is the major reason for cut and go break-ups. Young guys of these days often think that they really need to ascertain their sexual proficiency by dating a certain amount of girls.
    • He may also be interested in another girl. In such a case guys will repeatedly become uncaring and lose interest in the original things that he found attractive in you.
    • If you both are not having enough time for each other is can also cause a break-up.
    3 Get yourself improved.
    After you have found out the reason(s) for your break-up, try and make the changes that need to be made. For example, If your lover openly spoke out to you the reason for his break-up, wonderful, add it to how you improve yourself; else sort advice related to his reasons of the broke up with you.
    • Do not add any changes that will affect your life negatively.
    • Take enough time to educate yourself. You really need to make the necessary changes that will make you to win him back.

    Verse 2                                   TIME TO MAKE YOUR MOVE

    1 Communicate with him.
    Put Effort to communicate with him through any possible way of communication was most often used during the relationship (texting, phone calls, email).
    • Firstly, express your concern in his well-being. For instance, query him, "how have you been doing?"
    • If you cannot contact him, attempt sending him a letter explaining the changes you have made in you.

    2 Prepare to meet with him.
    Look for a very cool and nice place that is relaxed for the two of you. A good place that offers privacy – so that you both can discuss the changes you made.
    • Don’t go to a place where you will take alcohol drink. You both don’t need it at this time.
    • Never make to be a date. It really needs to be snappy or short and straight to the point

    3 make him to see the changes you have made.
    Speaking with him about the changes that you have made is a wonderful and a great first move -
    • Use your wisdom to move him to place where you can talk with him and tell him about the changes -- be specific, talk about what you have done and need, and do not repeat negative issues.
    • Do not make him to start feeling that he must be with you. Some Guys dislike that.
    • Annoyance is selfish and a waste of time. Try to avoid it at all costs.

    4 make him to know that you are still available.
    As you don’t want to put him in a difficult position, it will be nice that you show him that you want him back. Being open is very important, but don't overpower him

    5 Attach yourself with his.
    Bring up some interested topics like sports, clubbing, etc. that you share with him.
    • Be ready to attempt to do things that he is conversant with, but are very new to you.
    • At times you just would not share specific interests. That is okay, but still takes time to support what he cares about.
    • It is a wonderful way to bridge the break between talking to him about how you have changed and start to see him again
    6 tell him to be seeing you again.
    You would want to ask him of this that day you spent time with him. It all depends when you feel that you have disclosed to him that you have changed
    • Once more, don't turn him in these type of situations.
    • You don’t have to be excited and expect an instant yes. Give him some time to think.

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