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    Monday, 15 May 2017


    We humans behave in different ways, and some of us want to close relationships with other people. A lot of work involved in a relationship and also a lot of communication, ye it is still hard to understand what your partner is thinking. This write up will show you your stand in a romantic relationship with your partner. It will as well help you understand the types of relationships and also help you know the signs of a strong relationship of any kind.

    Verse 1


    1 Choose the right time to talk.
    If you spend most of your time with somebody and in your mind you might be thinking that you are developing romantic feelings for them, and you are not really sure whether the person feels the same way you do, it could be time to "define the relationship". This is that big moment to talk when both persons choose if they are just friends or if they are more than friends-- and if they are more, what they are exactly.
    • Sometimes is it impossible to understand your stand in a romantic relationship without talking it complete. A DTR gets your feelings out in the open and takes you from "just friends" to "dating" or an official "couple."
    • It might be time to have a DTR if you are considering dating other people or if you are considering getting physical (or already have)

    2 Have private a private talk with your friend.
    Having a discussion on the type of your relationship is not what you will do in a text messages or in a public location. It is very important to have discussion with the person so you can know the other person's reactions.
    • At times it’s ok to have a discussion in writing, for example assuming you are shy type or afraid of putting the other person on the spot. In a situation like these, write out your feelings in a long-hand letter instead of typing or texting it. It will help you to send your feelings in a personal way while you still have the advantage of being able to revise your words before you send or deliver your letter.
    3 Share your feelings out openly.
    Make the person to know your feelings, and ask him or her to tell you how he or she feels about you.  There is no need to ask for a commitment. In a simple way ask the person his feelings towards the time you both spend together, and discover if they want you as more than friends.
    • Do not be expressly romantic when you are telling somebody how you feel for him or her at the first time. It can be seen in a movie, it actually puts somebody on the spot to have you announce unending love when he or she thought you were just a friend. Try to be honest and a bit reserved if you found yourself falling in love with them.
    • Say something like this, "I so much love the time we spend together. Is this just me, or are there some mixed moods going on here? To me I am beginning to like you much more than just a friend. What do you think?"
    4 It is time to allow him or her some time to think.
    When you noticed that your friend does not know that you have feelings for him or her, your DTR (Define The Relationship) discussion may have come as a shock. Allow him or her some time to analyze this information and consider their own feelings in its place of assembling them to tell you how they are feeling in that moment.
    • In some circumstances, for example if you have physically loved with this individual, it may be very ok to ask him or her to tell you what their intents are if things are to continue. But if at this point you have only been friends, they will most probable need some analyzing time.

    Verse 2

    Knowing a Relationship that is Healthy

    1 Know everyone's expectations.
    In every relationship, each person should know what the expectations are so that it will help them to avoid feelings of being used or abandoned.
    • When you are dating somebody, it is utmost  vital that both partners are on the same side when it comes to topics like how frequently you will see each other, how frequently you will talk or write, how physically cherished you will be, and whether or not you will date other persons.
    • In marriage and work relationships, it is vital to know each individual's role and duties to avoid feelings of bitterness or misunderstanding.
    2 Effective and open communication.
    All relationship can be amended just by successful communication. Awkwardly, most persons don't learn how to effectively communicate as they grow up, so it will be some how difficult to have vital discussions or stand up for yourself if you do not make an intensive effort to learn the basics of effectiveness of communication.
    • In every relationship, you must meet battle and disparity with the viewpoint that you are a team. Instead of seeing a disagreement as your chance to prove a point or win an argument, try to think of it as a challenge to come up with a mutually-beneficial solution.
    • Do not be on negative moods for much long without voicing them out to your lover. Else, you might develop anger. If you find yourself annoyed or unhappy about the relationship, deliberate on why you are feeling like that and then talk to your lover concerning it. Allow him to know how you are feeling and also what you believed that will be of help.
    3 Put your needs and also your partner's needs in Equilibrium.
    We are sometimes think of putting other people’s needs before our own, and being unselfish in a relationship will be a great feature. Though, you ought not to sacrifice your own needs or joy to please somebody otherwise. You would end up been burned out and also dissatisfied.
    • Do not be scared to say what you need to your lover.
    4 Watch for signs of abnormality.
    All caring relationship will make you feel good about yourself and pleased that you know your partner. Occasionally, however, relationships turn out to be a burden and can disturb your state of mind. If your relationship is not working fine, it may be time to cut ties or else seek for counseling. Watch for these cautionary signs in any relationship.
    One person has extra control or power than the other person, and demands that the other person will do what he or she says or needs. This will reduce who the other partner can spend time with, how they use money, or how physically caring they are.
    They might become emotionally manipulative and tries to get the other to respond by creating feelings of fault, shame, or jealousy.
    One person is just a taker while the other person is a giver. For instance, your partner may at all times expect you to drop your plans for them, get them out of a bind, or be physically caring with no promise”.


    Verse 3

    Types of Relationships and Understanding it

    1 Understand that relationships has different meaning for different people.
    As life goes on, we will come across different people and will build complicated, personal relationships with them. There are numerous types of relationships including friend, work, romantic, and family relationships.
    • It’s Very vital to recall that relationships are as different and different as the people who are a part of them. There are different prospects in every relationship. Occasionally, these prospects are made clear by speaking about them, but other times they are just undeclared rules that grow as people devote time together.
    2 know and understand that good friendships are necessary.
    Friends can be someone you hang out with and have fun, to someone you have confidence on when you are in trouble or seek for advice when you need it. True friends are main part of life because they help you acquire more about yourself, help you take good choices, and help you associate with others.
    • True friends tell each other the truth and keep each other's best interests in mind.
    • You can know if someone is not really your friend if they lie to please you or to trick you, or if they undermine your efforts or don't care about your successes.
    • Friendships can take a lot of work to maintain.
    • Try to make time every week to call or visit your friends just to stay caught up with their lives and let them know you're thinking about them.
    3 Know and understand that romantic relationships can be difficult.
    Example friendships, romantic relationships can differ from casual to more friendly, contingent on how well you know each other and how devoted you are to each other.  
    • Certain persons like courting casually and spending a lot of time with lots of different persons, maybe even charming sexually friendly with lots of casual associates.
    • Some persons choose to become very emotionally attached and committed to only but one person. Finally, most persons hope to find somebody they can commit to in a long-term relationship or marriage.
    4 know how you can make your relationship work.
    Some are the people we see on daily bases but not close to them. Relationship will be very important to your success. When you show good relationship with the people you work with or the people you are in institution with, you can display that you are a team player.
    • Treat everybody you work with admiration and compassion, even if they are not somebody you would need to be friends with on a common basis. Your colleagues all have different life experiences that can be supportive in the office, so look for everybody’s strengths.
    • Occasionally work relationships connect with romantic or friend relationships, which can frequently be confusing. Remember to act professional every time you are at work, and treat everybody the equal.
    5 Get yourself Acquaint with romantic relationships.
    Be it dating or marriage, relationships such can be difficult and tough to comprehend.
    • Romantic relationships will give you chance to open your heart to someone else, and attach on a very close level. He or She will see the decent and evil sides of you, and love you anyhow. Interaction is the main key to keep a romantic relationship healthy and happy.
    • As of the closeness of romantic relationships, they can cause a lot of agony and sorrow from mistakes, hurt feelings, and disappointment. Select wisely who you open your heart to, but you also have to be willing to take some dangers in the name of love. Else, you might miss out on a great relationship
    6 Check for worth in a few relationships.
    Seriousness and honesty should be most significant. Have a few decent, solid and satisfying relationships instead of focusing on too many persons, who comes in and out of your life as they want.

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