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    Friday, 21 July 2017


    Do you know the most used FOUR lettered word? LOVE
    And the need to everyone is TO LOVE and TO BE LOVED
    We all need that LOVE.
    No love of this world will satisfy us. Do you know why?
    Because the love of this world has two problems.

    The love of this world is ridden with expectations and frustrations. People love us for what they expect us to be, and not who we are.

    They like us and they make their relationships based on whether we fulfill their expectations.
    I am not saying that all relationships are like that, if there is a relationship which is selfless and there are no expectations, the time takes one and the other away”
    -         Ladies and gentlemen, can we afford to wake up with a regret tomorrow?
    -         Can we afford to carry any grudges in our hearts?
    -         Can we afford to go around with some negative feelings for people in our hearts?
    When that person will not be with you anymore, you will not even get a chance to apologies, and you will carry it all your life.

    Therefore, in the relationships of this world, sometimes just people disappoint us for who they are and sometimes, time disappoints by taking one away, and who will go first we don’t know.

    During marriage celebration, one 65 years old Lady would nudge her 25 years old nephew and say “Son, you are next” and young people don’t like to be reminded, “You are Next for Marriage”.
    Nephew would get frustrated as she would nudge him at every marriage and say “You are next”.

    Later someone died in the family and all went for funeral and both were standing next to each other, then Nephew nudges Aunt and says “You are next”.

    One of our great saints said, “When you experience love of God in your heart, that love of God manifests as compassion and concern for people of this world”

    People are thirsty, yearning for that love, down in their lives, depressed, negative, and lonely, they need hope.

    People need HOPE and LOVE is the HOPE.

    Selfless love that comes in our heart is the HOPE for this WORLD.

    There for the most used 4 letter word is LOVE.

    WHAT should we do with it?

    VALUE it

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