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    Monday, 24 July 2017


    The most pleasing FIVE lettered word is SMILE.
    They say, smile! It increases your face value.
    How many of you smile?
    Of course you smile; I will tell you a nice one.

    One guy, David, secondary school student, was in school and teacher was teaching English and teacher was teaching how to count numbers.
    Teacher wrote numbers on the chalk board and after writing numbers on the chalkboard, teacher said “Now Read”
    The guy says, “Shevani, are you coming, not coming, its ok, if you don’t”.
    Teacher said, “what did you say?”.
    Teacher had written 70 280 89 99.
    70 seventy (shevanti), 280 two-eighty (are you coming), 89 eight-nine (not coming), 99 ninety-nine (its ok if not).

    There was a teacher in a primary school and he was teaching numbers. The student was reading numbers and said, “shevanti, are you coming, not coming, its ok if you don’t”.

    There was a student in school, international teacher wrote numbers and teacher was saying “Read” so he said, “shevanti, are you coming, not coming, its ok if you don’t”.

    I am telling you the same joke again, isn’t it?
    Do you laugh on the same joke again? NO

    After a while, if I tell you same thing again, you will say,
    “There is something wrong with this person! What is he saying?
    He has gone in repeat mode, in a loop”

    We don’t LAUGH on the same JOKE again.
    Why do we CRY on the same PROBLEM again?

    We don’t laugh on the same joke again and we keep crying on the same problem again and again.
    We keep crying on that same issue, on that same problem again and again and again.
    Problems will come, issues will come, difficulties will come, and whoever you are doesn’t matter.

    Funeral fire kills somebody once, Anxiety kills someone every moment, kills our life, kills our present, we cannot experience fulfillment ladies and gentlemen.

    “God has a plan, an amazing plan, with all the challenges, with all the difficulties, with all the troubles that he sends our way, he has an incredible plan. None of us know what, none of us can see how, none of us can understand why, and therefore, at that point time, all we do is cry, we can’t understand the why.”

    If only we understand what the plan is, even while going through that crisis, we would probably, smile!

    Do not take this material world so seriously because it is always changing.
    Something terrible that you take seriously today is going to change tomorrow.
    Radhanath Swami”

    Don’t keep it with you. SMILE

    Therefore the most pleasing FIVE lettered word – SMILE, KEEP IT!

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