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    Sunday, 24 September 2017


    Question – is spirituality about extremism?
    Question – why do we follow ritual in spirituality?

    I think we live a life of extremes.
    Extremism seems to be the nature of people who are conditioned and habituated to it. Black or white, and no shades of grey in middle, its this or that, and we cant have this and that.
    You know extremism seems to be like that.

    Either we are hard hearted or we are just so softies. You know what I mean, we live life of extremes.
    Similarity with spirituality as well there could be a tendency to live a life of extremes.
    One extreme is to be very rigid about our practices, rigidity, “this is it! This is how it should be! It cant be any other way”.
    And the other extreme is flexibility where you do whatever your mind says,
    Today you feel like doing it you do it, tomorrow you don’t feel like doing it you don’t do it;

    Another Extreme
    Is about balance, not living a life of extremes, it talks about striking that right balance.
    Now just because someone accepts the internal practice, or the internal genuineness and the sincerity, that therefore doesn’t mean that we don’t express that sincerity through external practice.
    In fact, the more we connect, the more we love, the more we want to do but now its not out of force, its not out of rigid imposition, its out of inspired commitment.
    For instance, if someone does something to me and I love that person a lot, that person knows that I am sincere, that person knows that I love him, and he is going to accept it anyways, but wont I take a gift for him when I go?
    Wont I do more for that person when I go there?
    And therefore spiritual life is all about inspiration, its not rigidity.
    Its not rigid impositions which we put on someone and say
    this is how you have to do it”
    Yes there are protocols, there are procedure, because when we want to express that sincerity, then we also have a process through which we express it.
    Like, I will give you example,
    When you goto watch a football match at Wembley; its Manchester United playing and Man United wins and everyone will start singing.

    ”Glory glory glory Man United, Glory glory glory Man United,  and the reds go marching ON ON ON”

    The whole stadium is rumbling with that ON ON ON, isn’t it?

    Well all the players should feel your sincerity that they have won right?
    Isn’t it? After all it’s the sincere appreciation that matters. So all the players who playing in Manchester United team should be, “Oh Yes, all the gentlemen sitting are appreciating” and if there is pin drop silence.
    We appreciate it (internally).
    We are not saying anything right?
    But when we genuinely appreciate then there is a process, there is a particular way that’s there to express our geniuses, appreciation and sincerity for them. And for Man United it’s a song. That’s how people express their appreciation.

    Similarity we have our sincerity and geniuses that we want to express genuineness to express to the Lord.
    And therefore, these external processes, protocols, rituals, processes are the entire medium to express it.
    For instance, someone on the birthday will be blow off the birthday candle, they cut the birthday cake and say “Make a wish”.
    Will the candle fulfill your wish?
    Who is going to fulfill the wish?
    The cream?
    The fruits on the top of the cake?
    The flames of fire?

    Who is going to fulfill the wish?
    “NO, just make a wish?

    Now, do you need a cake?
    Do you need the birthday song?
    You can just feel happy, you can just sit. Look at the person whose birthday it is.
    And the person is meant to understand that I am saying happy birthday.

    How will the person understand?
    So there are words, “happy birthday sir”, here is a cake “happy birthday sir”, here is a gift  “happy birthday sir”

    That’s just a medium to offer. Am I making sense?

    So therefore it cant be just rigidity and cant be super flexibility.

    At the end of the day, intent and our genuineness matters, but if you say, “I am just genuine!”
    HOW do you express? And so external matters.


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