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    Saturday, 21 October 2017


    These days, Many guys today have lost the girl they want to be with, because they have tried as much as possible as they can, just to make a girl believe that he loves her, but all to no avail. The reason is not that the girl hates him, but the reason is that you have not proved to her how much you love her. If you love a girl, you don't have to prove it before she believes that you do, all you need to do is to pay a big attention to all am about to tell you right now. A guy uses to love a girl, but he thinks that the only way to make the girl love him back is by calling her every minute of the day.

    Well, it's good to call her but, there are some necessary and important roles to play without stress, for her to love you back. The reason why those roles are important is that they are key to get the heart of a woman, directly into your caption as you desire. And once she is finally in love with you, she will never think of leaving you for another man, unless if she is faking it.

    12 steps you most follow to make her love you back
    1Talk about her everywhere you go, make her realize that you think about her every moment of your life and also never forget to tell your friends about her in her absence. 

    2 Buy her a present on your first day out, make her feel like she is the best person for you and if not her, that you don't have anyone else.

    3 Introduce her to your friends as your best friend, as your world, as your all and all, as your girlfriend, and above all tell your friends right in front of her that she is the air you breathe.

    Mind the kind of friends you keep, if you keep good friends, with good character, it as well gingers the woman you love to think about you and your good friends when she is on her privacy

    Merge your picture with hers and put it in your WhatsApp profile photo, maybe write something on it, something like "my baby and I", "I and my Wife to be", "The only I can think of" etc. you can figure out some other words on your own.

    Buy her flowers as gifts, or you can use it to decorate her room if you are opportune to visit her apartment.

    Support her in everything she does, especially the right things she is about doing.

    Provide for her when the need arises, because every woman needs a man who is willing to provide for them no matter how high the amount of that material is, even if you can't provide it, you just need to figure a way to show her the little you can afford.

    You must defend her both in front of your mom, brothers, and sisters, also outside the real world, because every woman needs a man whois s protector, even when the man is not strong enough to protect her, she believes that she can confide in you as her protector.

    10  Never forget to make her laugh, no matter how much bad you feel, she will always want to smile because of you, she will always want to remember you in her silent room and smile to herself of all the gist you made with her in the day.

    11   Don't ever raise your hand to her, no matter what she does, because she simply believes that you are up to a man and that you can easily forgive her for anything she does to you, irrespective of how heavy it is.

    12   Finally, Always smile to her jokes to you, even though they are not funny. It impresses a woman if I'm the one I'll feel good about that.