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    Thursday, 23 November 2017

    Health Tips For Women Who Really Want A Flat Tummy

    As women age, it becomes so much harder to lose weight and target certain areas of your body that feel out of shape. You start to notice that stretches and other body movements become a bit more difficult to achieve. Our metabolism slows down a great deal and body parts that were once shaped beautifully by muscle start sagging and packing extra weight. “What’s going on?” you think. Dresses and skirts feel a bit tighter and the size 6 jeans that once fit perfectly no longer does. You carry on with the same diet, yet if feels like you’re just bloating.

    Well, let me tell you that this doesn’t have to be the case. It is very much possible to approach your 40’s cellulite-free and with a flat tummy. Yup, you heard me right. We came up with a list of ten items you definitely should look at if you want to look fab at 40!

    Yup! Unfortunately, the myth is true. People between their 40’s and 50’s can gain up to a pound a year despite having the same diet. However, professionals have attributed the cause to a lower rate of activity. Simply put, we are not as active as we used to be. To fight the trend, establish an exercise routine that will fit your schedule and you can easily follow. Brisk walking at night, 2-3 yoga sessions a week or any other form of activity which will help you keep the pound away would do.

    Studies have shown that drinking a full glass of water before eating, preferably warm, helps, a lot in weight loss. Why? If you’re tummy is full from the water, you are more likely to eat less. It would also be good to take small sips in between your meals and before grabbing a snack. Many times, we think our body is asking for food when what we really need is a glass of water. Drinking lots of water is very beneficial for your body and is the best way to keep the pounds at bay.

    If you’ve decided to cut fruits from your diet because of the sugar it contains, you’re making a huge mistake. Yes, fruits have sugar but it’s the natural kind – what our body and mind burns as energy. Fruit is also a good source of natural fibre which helps in digestion and water which makes us feel full. The nutrients we get from the different fruits we eat is essential and thus promotes health and wellness.

    It is natural for our metabolism to slow down as we age. That is why it is so much more important to engage yourself in physical activity. Don’t lose your muscle. Build it up because the more muscle you have, the greater number of calories you will burn. Muscle also gives the body beautiful shape.

    Yoghurt, kimchi and sauerkraut are some examples. Digestive problems start to become an issue at this point in your life and you will want to help your body fight that. Along with water and fruits, fermented food also aid in digestion and are powerful for cleaning out build ups of waste and toxins in your body. Have probiotics as well to keep good bacteria working in your tummy. Want a flat belly? Then keep your tummy healthy.

    Let me name a few. Eggs, for starters, has only 72 calories but 6 grams of protein. Researchers have found that having them for breakfast actually helps you slim down. Brussel sprouts have more glucosinolates in them than other vegetables. These are compounds that detoxify the body. Oats are another super food. Your body digests it slowly so it keeps you full all morning. It is beneficial for you to get to know the super foods that will help your body stay healthy and keep it in the shape you want.

    When we think carbs, we immediately imagine the worst. That’s because a lot of the diets advertised these days actually make you cut them out completely. It is exciting to know that some carbs can actually keep us slim and help lower our cholesterol. Of course, portion control when it comes to carbohydrate intake is still key but food like brown or red rice and whole grain breads and pasta can actually help the body in digestion thus keeping it slim. Don’t say no to carbs altogether. The key is to choose the carbohydrates you eat and make sure it benefits your body.

    When we were younger, skipping a meal was the fastest way to lose the weight we needed to. That worked then; but as you get older, you will notice that isn’t the case anymore. The body no longer responds the same way. It actually stores up calories to burn just in case it needs to thus packing in more pounds into your system. The best way to keep your weight down is to eat healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables often times a day. Yup, you’re better of having small regular meals.

    We already know that salt makes the body retain water and so we definitely want a low-salt diet. Another thing salt does, is make us eat more food. According to studies, salt messes with the messages within our body to tell us to stop eating and so we end up eating more. Interesting, huh! No more salt!

    According to a fitness expert, when you reach a certain age, full body workouts are more effective in keeping your whole system healthy. We make the mistake of simply focusing on our core and that just won’t work. Instead, engage your whole body to have better results with your workout.

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