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    Monday, 20 November 2017


    Ekaitte went to the store to buy a parrot
    trained in the USA and asks
    the sales person;
    "What's so special about this parrot ?"
    Sales person says
    "This parrot is a genius and can answer any
    Ekaitte asks the parrot;
    "How do I look?"
    The parrot replies;
    "You look like a fuckin slut?"
    Ekaitte gets pissed off and tells the sales
    person that its a very rude
    parrot and she cannot buy it despite it
    was trained in the USA.
    The sales person tells Ekaitte to wait for 2
    The sales person takes the parrot to the back
    of the store and
    shoves the parrot into a bucket of water
    and when he pulls the
    parrot out he says;
    "if you disrespect the lady out there again
    i'll soak you back in water" and takes the
    parrot back to the store.
    Th sales person apologized to Ekaitte and
    says she can ask the
    parrot another question.
    Ekaitte: "If I come home with one man
    what would you think?" Parrot: "He's your
    Ekaitte: "Two men?"
    Parrot: "Your husband and his brother"
    Ekaitte: "Three men?"
    Parrot: "Your husband, his brother and
    your brother" Ekaitte: "Four men?"
    At this time the Parrot turns to the Sales
    person and says:
    "Bring back the bleeping bucket of water
    I already told you she's a

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