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    Sunday, 17 December 2017

    12 Sweet Texts Your Girlfriend Would Love to Receive from you

    In today’s digital age, it’s never been easier to talk with the people we love. However, while communication has become so much more integrated into our lives, there is still a disconnect between us as we have replaced face to face interaction with screens. Nowhere is this more evident than with texting, which has quickly overtaken calling as the go-to method for contacting everyone, from your best friend to your parents and your significant other.

     As such, it’s become imperative that we use this tool as a means of offering more meaningful communication, rather than just a quick burst of “lol”s and “k”s that seem to permeate the landscape.
    1.            Texting vs. Calling
    When it comes to girlfriends, a call is usually much better than a text, as she appreciates hearing your voice more than what you have to say. Anyone can ask her how her day is through emojis or textspeak, but only her SO can tell her how much she means to him over the phone. Sure, you may be worried about awkward silences, but if she really likes you, then they don’t exist. Trust us. Most of the time, just knowing you’re on the other end is enough, so don’t feel like you have to fill every second with interesting and witty banter.
    Still, it’s good to send her text messages on a regular basis as a means of letting her know how you feel or that you’re thinking about her. Just don’t go overboard and make texting your preferred method of communication. These should be the icing on the cake, not the cream filling.
    2.            Top Ten Texts
    While there are literally hundreds of different ways you can text your girlfriend, we’ve decided to narrow it down to ten that will serve as a template for your communication. Beyond standard things like “how are you” or “are you busy” texts, these messages will show her that she means something to you. As long as you follow these up with romantic gestures and phone calls (seriously, don’t forget to call), then they will be the highlight of her day.
    3.               Good Morning/Night Beautiful
    Waking up to a message from you will make sure that she starts her day off right. Also, be sure that you’re sending her off to sleep with another reminder that she’s your world. Book-ending her day with these kinds of texts will make her think about you more and let her know that you’re dreaming of her too.
    4.               Just Thinking of You
    If you find yourself daydreaming about your girlfriend, why not let her know? If you are imagining being with her or thinking about the future, text her to let her know that she’s on your mind. This way she doesn’t have to wonder if she means something to you. Now she knows for sure.
    5.               Good Luck Today
    Whether it’s a job interview or a test she’s been studying for, it’s always good to provide words of encouragement. Also, if she has a stressful job be sure to remind her that you’re rooting for her and that you’ll be there when she gets off if she needs to vent. Knowing that you have her back will make her love you all the more.
    6.               I Miss You
    This kind of ties into the “thinking about you” text from before, but saying that you miss her implies that you yearn to be next to her. Ideally, it will precede a phone call, but it’s good on its own.
    7.               I Love You
    What girl doesn’t love hearing “I love you?” While it’s better to hear it than read it, a text that says how you feel is always appreciated. Add some emojis to really get the point across.
    8.               I’m Outside
    Much like a phone call is worth more than a text, a surprise visit is best of all. This is an excellent way to add some spice to your relationship if you don’t get to see each other that often. If you really want to seal the deal, show up with a gift (or food!).
    9.               What Do You Want to Eat?
    Speaking of food… they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and the same could be said for women, too. Buying your girlfriend food is always a win, so don’t be afraid to play that card as often as possible.
    10.         You Make Me Smile
    When it comes to sharing your feelings, it’s always best to be as specific as possible. While this is still a bit cliche, feel free to customize it as much as you want. Tell her what it is that makes you smile and what you love about her. The more unique you can make it, the better. Why? Because she wants to know why you love her above anyone else. Anyone can be sweet or beautiful, but what makes her stand out?
    11.         I Can’t Wait to See You
    Again, this kind of ties into the “I miss you” text, but it’s always better to create a sense of urgency so as to make it more impactful. A general feeling of yearning is not as strong as “I have to see you right now.” This implies a deeper desire to be with her, which makes her feel more special.
    12.         Get Ready. I Have a Surprise For You
    Finally, most girls love it when a guy has done something unexpected that catches them off-guard. Whether it’s as simple as a love note or a grand romantic gesture, you always want to keep her on her toes and never think that she’s figured you out. Not only will it keep the relationship fresh, but it will make her fall for you over and over again.  Now what that surprise might be is something for another post…

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