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    Friday, 8 December 2017

    5 Best Way To Win a Girl’s Heart

    When it comes to wooing the fairer sex, most guys are rather clueless about what it takes to make sure that things go their way.
    Usually, though, the problem lies in the approach, which can either be too strong, too off-putting, or too weird to make a meaningful connection.

    So, with that in mind, let’s see what works and what doesn’t in the pursuit of a female companion.

    1. Do: Be Confident. Don’t: Be Egotistical

    For the most part, women like to be pursued, which means that you have to make a move.
    While this does invariably put more pressure on the guy, it’s a natural part of the process.
    Plus, it offers you the advantage of controlling the situation, rather than having to react to someone else’s advances.
    The most important aspect of this is that you need to be confident but not arrogant.
    While most women appreciate a man who knows what he wants and isn’t too shy or scared to talk to her, they will be turned off by a guy who is too full of himself.
    In the end, the primary purpose of having confidence is to show her that you can lead in the relationship and that you won’t be indecisive or spineless, which are also huge turn-offs.
    Finally, remember to respect her wishes.
    If she’s not interested, then back off.
    You won’t score any more points by being too persistent.

    2. Do: Get to Know Her First. Don’t: Misrepresent Yourself

    One of the biggest issues with tips and tricks on “how to get a girl to like you” is that they are based on the assumption that all women are the same.
    This is a fallacy, and you should remove the idea from your head before you even think about asking her out.
    Although there may be some overlap in different areas, every woman is unique.
    Thus, if you try the same approach as you do with everyone else, you will most likely fall flat or fail to impress.
    Overall, the best way to find the way into her heart is to talk to her and see what she’s into.
    Maybe she prefers strong, jock-type guys or maybe she likes the sweet and caring type.
    Until you get to know her, you will essentially be flying blind.
    One critical point to remember here is that you shouldn’t lie to her about your interests, particularly if you are going after a relationship.
    It’s much better to be honest and upfront about what you want and the kind of person you are so that your interactions aren’t based on false assumptions.
    You’re not trying to “trick” her into liking you.
    Another crucial factor to consider is the fact that you are not the first person trying to win her heart.
    There have probably been too many guys to count who have tried different approaches, which is why she will most likely be able to spot them from a mile away. 

    3. Do: Make Her Feel Special. Don’t: Play Games

    If you start trying to woo a woman and she takes an interest in you, then you are in a fantastic position.
    However, it doesn’t take much to sour things, and one of the worst ways to do that is by making it seem as if she’s “just another girl.”
    By this, we mean that you should make sure to treat her differently than you would other women that you may interact with while around her.
    If you start flirting with girls in her presence, it will be a huge warning that you’re not interested in developing anything meaningful.
    While the particular details may be different depending on the woman, the important thing is to indicate that she means more to you than just anyone.
    For the most part, showing effort is going to count much more than anything else, particularly gifts.
    If you go out of your way to show her that she’s special to you, then she will be much more willing to give you her heart.

    4. Do: Be Genuine and Trustworthy. Don’t: Give Her Doubts

    If a woman is willing to offer her heart, then it means that she not only loves you but trusts you completely.
    This is a big reason why it’s so imperative to start your relationship off on the right foot, rather than misrepresenting yourself in the beginning.
    We already mentioned that effort can go a long way, but you have to match it with reliability and resolve.
    This is especially the case if she’s been hurt before since it will take more time for her to open up.
    Overall, you want to be true to your word, which can mean anything from not lying to her (about anything) or being punctual when you go out with her.
    The goal is to prove that your feelings are not disingenuous.

    5. Bottom Line

    When it comes to winning a girl’s heart, you have to be willing to make the effort to get it.
    Most women are protective of their feelings, so it’s necessary to show an extra level of care and attention.
    Fortunately, if you really like her and are willing to give your heart to her, then it should be easy to do all of these things.
    And if you are successful, then the reward is far more gratifying than you could imagine.
    When a woman gives you her heart, it’s magical.


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