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    Tuesday, 12 December 2017

    Good Things to Say to Your Girlfriend to Make Her feel happy and Laugh

    One of the best ways to ensure that you are in a quality relationship is first to make sure that you guys get along really well. Too often, we act differently with our significant other than we do with our friends, which means that we tend to put up walls for the person with whom we’re the most intimate.


    Over time, this can lead to problems where your girlfriend thinks that you are not being open and honest with her (compared to your friends), and it can lead to drama and turmoil down the line.
    So, what can you do to alleviate this problem? Well, first of all, it’s important that you change your mindset regarding your SO.

    She shouldn’t be a separate entity from your friends; she should be the person you most want to hang out with. Although quality time with your buds is still important, you should be trying to have a great time with her as much as possible. In essence, don’t take your relationship too seriously.
    With that in mind, one way to help reshape the mold is to inject some humor into your relationship. Ideally, you should be making her laugh on a regular basis anyway, but if not, then we have some suggestions to help you get started. Thirty-five of them, to be exact.

    Good Things to Say to Make Your Girlfriend feel happy and Laugh

    ⇛ Hey babe, do you like jalapenos? Because I want to get jalapeno pants!
    ⇛ So, the Beautiful Woman Store called. They said that my girlfriend model is defective. I told them, I know, but I still like her anyway.
    ⇛ Baby, you’re the apple of my eye. Which is why I need to get glasses. I can’t see.
    ⇛ You are like my Princess Peach. If a giant turtle kidnapped you, I’m pretty sure I’d stomp on his head to get you back.
    ⇛ You know what I love about you? The way that you always want to take me to bed, even while I’m complimenting you.
    ⇛ So, I just got back from the doctor. He says I’m in love, but I think I need a second opinion. You have a Ph.D., right?
    ⇛ When I’m with you, every day feels like my birthday. So, what I’m trying to say is, where are all my presents??
    ⇛ I thought about getting you something for your birthday, but I figured that my love was enough, soo…
    ⇛ They say that couples start to look like each other over time. I’m so sorry, sweetheart.
    ⇛ My love for you is like a non-binding contract: unconditional.
    ⇛ Hey, how do you feel about non-sequiturs? Refrigerator.
    ⇛ I wrote a song about you, but then that loser Beyonce had to go and steal it from me. Anyway, here’s Crazy in Love.
    ⇛ If I were a chemist, I would be full of lithium, oxygen, vanadium, and europium. I’d also be dead, but at least I’d be in LOVE.
    ⇛ Did you tie my shoelaces together? Because you got me trippin’ over you, girl.
    ⇛ With you, I feel like I’m floating on air. It really aggravates my vertigo, though.
    ⇛ I love you so much I’d be willing to sit through a timeshare presentation with you.
    ⇛ Quick question: would you still want to be with me if I was on the run from the law? Follow up: do you want to go to Canada?
    ⇛ You have something beautiful on your face. Oh wait, that’s just you.
    ⇛ Why do you gotta be so beautiful, huh? I can’t stop looking at you, and now I think I walked in dog poop. It’s your fault.
    ⇛ With you, I feel like I could run a marathon. I’m not going to, but still.
    ⇛ Don’t you ever get tired of being so perfect all the time? I know I do.
    ⇛ Hey, did you know that I’m psychic? Yeah, I have a vision of you having dinner with a handsome stud tonight at 7.30. Why wasn’t I invited???
    ⇛ If you found out that I was wanted by the FBI, would you turn me in? I’m asking for a friend.
    ⇛ You’re so beautiful that sunsets look like they’re trying too hard.
    ⇛ Your eyes are so lovely that diamonds get jealous.
    ⇛ Your butt is so perfect that I feel like you should keep it locked up, just to be safe.
    ⇛ If I had a million wishes, they would almost all be wanting to be with you. I’d also wish for some gold shoes, but that’s just a personal thing.
    ⇛ Your smile is so bright that supernovas get jealous.
    ⇛ Do you ever think about the future? If so, what are tomorrow’s lottery numbers?
    ⇛ If my love were gravity, it would be a supermassive black hole. Also, the Earth would be destroyed. Just saying.
    ⇛ You are a feast for my senses and baby, I’m starving.
    ⇛ Would you still love me if I got fat? The McRib is back, and I need to know ASAP.
    ⇛ Before I met you, I used to think that I was a big deal. Not anymore.
    ⇛ I put a picture of your smile on a deposit slip because it’s so money. Long story short, I’m being investigated for check fraud.
    ⇛ If my love for you were a planet, it’d be Saturn, because it has a ring on it.


    1. This made my day hun! I am definitely sharing this. I never blushed or laugh at so many cute but cheesy jokes in my life. Keep doing you!