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    Thursday, 18 January 2018

    Ask These Questions if you Want to Know What She Is Thinking

    When it comes to new relationships, most of us stick to the surface when getting to know our new partner. Things like favorite foods, colors, and movies are always the top questions that get asked, but does that really tell you everything you need to know about a person?

    Perhaps this is why so many relationships fail; both parties don’t take the time to get to know who the other person is deep inside to make sure that there are more feelings beyond attraction.
    Well, we’re here to change that. Whether you are just going out with a girl or have been with her for a while, it’s imperative that you learn as much as you can about her if you want to move forward. After all, you don’t want to find out some ugly truth later on down the road when it’s harder to split, right?
    With that in mind, here are the top questions that you should ask your girlfriend. Because guys are usually the ones that have a hard time finding the right words, we’ve taken the liberty of forming some deep questions to help you bond and grow with your SO.

    What is Your Favorite Childhood Memory?

    An excellent way to get to know someone is to see where they’ve been and understand what they’ve been through. To get the ball rolling, you want to keep things positive and ask for happy memories. This should also tell you what kinds of things she enjoys the most, which can give you ideas of how to spend your time together. An important follow up to this question is “why is that your favorite memory?”

    How Do You Feel About Your Family as a Whole?

    This is another question aimed at seeing where she comes from. If she’s thrilled to be a part of her family, then that means that you need to make a point to be involved with them. If she could not care less about them, then you should try to be her support network. Understanding her feelings about her relatives will give you a lot of insight into how she views relationships.

    What Was Your Last Relationship Like?

    Odds are that she has told you a little something about her previous love life, but if she hasn’t gone into great detail, then don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper. Knowing how she feels about it will give you a lot of information about how she could potentially act and react to this situation. Another follow-up would be to ask why she split up with her last partner.

    What are You Passionate About?

    Along with understanding her past, it’s crucial that you know what she wants for her future. A great way to see where she hopes to end up is to see what drives her and what makes her feel the most motivated.

    What Do You Want to Do With Your Life?

    Here we are getting more specific about her future plans, and whether or not you will be a part of them. Even if you’re still new to the relationship, asking this question will help make sure that you’re both on the same page. Most couples wind up splitting because they both want different things, so asking this question can help you understand if you’re both on the same path.

    What are Your Thoughts on Marriage and Children?

    This is kind of a tricky question to ask your girlfriend because it could imply prematurely that you want to get into a committed relationship. However, make sure that you’re asking based on curiosity alone, and not as a way to bring up a proposal anytime soon. Because this is where a serious relationship will most likely end up, it’s important that you understand how she feels about the whole thing.

    If You Could Travel the World, Where Would You Go?

    This question is a bit on the lighter side, but it can help you to figure out what kind of life she wants to lead. If she prefers to jet-set to exotic locales, then it could mean that she’s ambitious. However, if she’s fine backpacking through mountains, then it could signify that she’s down to Earth and more centered. A follow up to this question would be “why those places?”

    What is Your Idea of a Perfect Date?

    This might be a little like cheating, but it should help you understand what kind of girl she is. If she doesn’t care much about the location, then she’s more likely to appreciate your actions more than anything else. If she’s got a play by play setup in her head, then it could mean that she is somewhat high maintenance.

    If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself, What Would it Be?

    This question is designed to help you understand what is going on beneath the surface. If she answers with something to do with her body, then that means she is concerned about how she appears to others. If she wants to change something else, like how she reacts to situations, then it could mean that she is more grounded (or knows that she is hot). Either way, it will help you get valuable insight into her thoughts.

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    1. Knowing what is she thinking is hard but your questions are great help! Thank you. Know we will know what she is thinking and how to know about it!