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    Saturday, 6 January 2018

    Coinbase says it will support the later Bitcoin cash

    Coinbase, one of the largest exchanges Krebtukerance (if not) in the world, has returned to its place on the cash step that will provide support to the fork in the year 2018

    It was Coinbase of many stock exchanges to disrupt Heavy cash business after it came into existence on August 1, for reasons that have not been proven safe or. the refusal to facilitate trade exception, Coinbase also said he would not allow customers to store the original application step right to cash Bitcoin. Those who said they wanted to produce their own coins and other places that do.

    But now the company - began last Aerpenb engineer Brian Armstrong (picture) said the fund-raising $ 1 billion - but a few. He said customers via e-mail to "support" the cash transfer step by January 1.

    "Once certified, customers can cash Bitcoin. I will report on later adding support for business," he said Coinbase.

    In other words, let's see what happens before trade

    This is definitely in response to anger customers Koinbas, who threatened to move their money elsewhere, and in some cases, to take legal action on the currency Bitcoin maturity. (Tel ;. Dr People like free stuff, especially in the password) It is unclear what impact the business Koinbas, but the signs are not great. one estimated that analyzes corporate storage savings rate in the first half of the customers have left in.

    However, despite this, a number of investors Koinbas said traders in, they are not overly worried about the decline, while the total cost of the future of Bitcoin itself is unclear. This is due mainly to hook difficult one, as the mining step, but a small part of her Hashrat.

    Currently, Cash Today was the third largest Krebtukerance money based on the amount of the first day of the market, but a market value of $ 7 billion Bitcoin ($ 44 billion) and Atriom ($ 21 billion) in one way or another. Maybe the situation has changed, and by January, while Coinbase is not to follow a conservative approach to bring new money.

    At present, it provides business Today, Atriom Itsuwan and - in the past, which only added in May while getting much attention in 2013. In fact, he was the founder and director of engineering at Itsuwan Koinbas almost four years before the summer - to give some perspective limit policy difficult.

    Note: This article is right to note that the founder Itsuwan Charlie Lee is no longer with Coinbase.

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