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    Wednesday, 24 January 2018

    How to Make a Girl Feel Special

    For most guys, finally getting to be with that special girl is the best feeling in the world.
    Knowing that she’s yours makes you giddy inside, and you can’t help but express your joy, love, and adoration.

    However, over time, these feelings will subside.

    Unfortunately, in many cases, guys then tend to act like their relationship is a given.

    This is a mistake!

    When it comes to the fairer sex, a little attention can go a long way.

    If you are having trouble expressing your feelings, then she may start to feel like you’re pulling away.
    Overall, the most important thing is to make her feel special.

    Why? Because she wants to feel like she means more to you than anyone else.

    While there may be a few others that you hold as high or higher than her (i.e., family, lifelong friends, kids, etc.), she doesn’t want to be just “anyone” in your life.

    Thus, it’s crucial that you do whatever you can to make her feel unique and special.

    Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of surefire methods to do just that.

    Disclaimer: All women are different, so pick out the ones that you think will mean the most to her. Not only will this ensure that your actions have a more profound effect on your relationship, but it will help you get to understand her even more.


    Step One: Compliment Her

    By this, we don’t mean that you should just tell her that she’s beautiful all the time.
    In fact, saying it too often will effectively cheapen the sentiment, meaning that it will eventually become background noise.
    Instead, what you should do is mix things up from time to time.
    Rather than complimenting her on her looks, try saying something about the way she acts or reacts to things.
    Better yet, compliment her on something that only you get to see.
    Anyone can tell her that she’s beautiful or has a great smile, but what kind of compliment can you (and only you) give her that comes from the heart?
    Finally, don’t overdo it.
    Guys tend to shower girls with adoration, but again, it can lessen the impact over time.
    Instead, save them for when they really count.
    For example, tell her how smoking hot she looks after she’s done her hair and makeup for a big event, or mention how her smile makes your day when you’ve had a stressful one.


    Step Two: Pay Attention to Her

    With smartphones becoming so ubiquitous, it’s easy for us to neglect those we are with for some other form of entertainment.
    Even if it’s just a few minutes at a time, they can feel like an eternity.
    When you’re with her, be there both physically and emotionally.
    If she feels like you’re more invested in something else, then it cheapens her value in her eyes.
    After all, how can she be unique to you if another person or object is holding your attention?
    Over time, as we become accustomed to each other, this can develop as a habit, but it’s imperative that you fight the urge to settle into such routines.
    We’re not saying that you have to be attentive 24/7, but leave the phone (and any other distractions) behind when it really counts, like on date night or when you’re snuggled together watching T.V.
    The moments when you are trying to connect with each other shouldn’t be interrupted by anything.


    Step Three: Put in Extra Effort

    Many guys believe that to be romantic means that you have to make some grand gesture, like covering the bedroom in rose petals or setting up a candlelight dinner surprise.
    While these are certainly appreciated, girls don’t expect you do these kinds of things all the time.
    While the big gestures can be saved for important dates (like anniversaries or birthdays), you still want to put in a little more effort for the little things.
    For example, writing her a love letter every so often shows that you care.
    You took the time and energy to do something because of the way you felt, and it will serve as a reminder of your feelings for years to come.
    Another way to show effort without going big is to surprise her with a small treat after a stressful day.
    If she’s been beaten up at work, drawing a nice bath or offering a massage can do wonders.
    Overall, the little things will add up over time, especially if you only reserve them for her.


    Step Four: Share

    This is a huge problem for most guys, particularly because there is this stigma against men opening up about their feelings.
    However, sharing doesn’t have to be your innermost secrets and desires; it can simply be how your day went (beyond the standard “fine”).
    With women, the act of sharing is showing trust in both her and your relationship.
    They don’t expect you to open up about everything, but just talking about your experiences and plans for the future can be enough.
    Think about it like this: let’s say that you talk openly with your friends about all kinds of topics (work, hobbies, your past, etc.) but then you don’t act the same way with her.
    She’ll feel like you don’t want to open up to her, which is a clear sign that you don’t think she’s special.

    Bottom Line

    Overall, the best way to make a girl feel special is to show her.
    You can make her feel all kinds of things by telling her how much she means to you, putting extra effort into your relationship, and opening up about stuff that you wouldn’t tell other people.
    In short, as long as you openly act like she’s one in a million, she’ll feel that way.
    Also, don’t assume that she knows how you feel.
    Even if she does, it’s much better to have it all out in the open, rather than implied.

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