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    Thursday, 18 January 2018

    How to Manage a Long Distance Relationship

    For most couples, there is nothing worse than trying to make things work when you are so far apart. No matter what the reason, the longer that you are separated, the harder it is to keep the magic of the relationship alive.

     However, while many times long distances can kill the romance, you don’t have to resign yourself to breaking up as soon as your loved one gets on a plane. As long as both of you are committed to each other and want to make things work, you should be able to maintain a healthy relationship no matter how far away you are.
    So, with that in mind, let’s look at some ways to help strengthen your bond during this trying time.

    Communicate Effectively

    One of the biggest mistakes that couples make when separated for long periods is that they feel like they have to overcompensate for the lack of physical presence. At first, this may seem endearing, but it will get old quickly and can generate resentment from both parties. You both still have lives to lead, so don’t make your relationship take up all of your time because you feel bad about being apart.
    Instead, optimize your communication to be more meaningful. In this case, quality matters more than quantity, so a few well-timed phone calls can make a bigger impact than a hundred texts. To help make things work, plan your talk sessions ahead of time so that you have something to look forward to and you don’t feel like you’re ignoring your SO. In between, little messages are great reminders, but they don’t have to be constant.
    Take advantage of current technology.  With Apple FaceTime or Skype or Google Hangouts, you can use video calls to enhance your talk sessions.  Share pictures during the day via text messaging.  There’s nothing like being able to see each other or being able to see the same things to keep you close.
    Above all, talk to your partner about how much is enough and when things start to feel a bit too clingy. The more open you are about this stuff, the less you will have to worry about whether you’re doing “enough.”

    Know What You Both Want

    Another part of your communication should be understanding where your relationship is going and what you want to get out of it. For example, if it bothers you to know that your partner is spending time with other people (even as friends), then you should let him or her know. The more you can talk about where you are at and where you want to go with your partner the better off you both will be. Being apart means that it’s more crucial to stay on the same page, so be sure to let each other know if things change or you feel like the distance is causing you to drift apart.
    Overall, maintaining a long distance relationship takes commitment, so be sure that you both want to put the effort in before you engage in anything.

    Stay In Each Other’s Lives

    When we’re far apart, it’s easy to fall into habits where you do things without your partner. However, with technology being so advanced these days, you have no reason not to bring your SO along with you. For example, you can share a meal together over Skype, or you can FaceTime while walking through the park. Don’t let the distance keep you from developing that special bond that comes from experiencing things together. If necessary, plan these things out so you can make room in your schedule to be with each other while doing something.
    Additionally, you want to make sure that you talk about things that are going on with you just as you would if your partner was there. Talking over the phone may cause you to disconnect emotionally, so if you feel like that’s happening it’s important that you recognize it and correct the problem. Your partner should be the person that you open up to the most, so don’t let distance keep you from doing that.

    Don’t Skip the Intimacy

    When it comes to the physical stuff, you may be wondering how you can manage to have a healthy sexual relationship if your partner is far away. However, creativity is more than welcome with regards to this area, so try to think outside the box. Naughty messages, pictures, and phone calls are sometimes all you need to keep the spark alive. If things start to feel a bit tired, then mix it up by doing a striptease over the webcam or by recording videos to share with each other. The more creative you can be, the better the experience, so don’t be afraid to try new things.
    What is important to remember, though, is that you talk about everything first. You don’t want a potentially sticky situation to arise by undressing over Skype if her roommate is present or something else embarrassing. Be sure to keep your partner in the loop if you want to spice things up.

    Show Your Commitment Often

    Finally, the best way to ensure that your relationship lasts is to do things that show you are still committed to your partner. They can be little things like sending gifts, or they can be big things like a surprise visit. Overall, be sure to let your SO that you think about them all the time and that you still want to be with them even if you can’t be there physically. As long as both of you show your love on a regular basis, then nothing can stop you.

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