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    Thursday, 25 January 2018


    Whenever the term cardio workout is used most people starts to think about running’s miles on trade mill, which is quite boring and stressing exercise if you have to do it regularly. People used to run with enthusiasm on trade for just 5 minutes after that they find it boring and after minutes they are off from the trade mill and done with the cardio workout, which is not the right way to deal with it. Cardio workouts are quite essential not only for improved fitness but they also help you to gain muscle and enhance your endurance level without getting bored or hating your cardio workout.

    Cardio workout is not all about spending half an hour elliptical, running on inclined trade mill or 15 mile jogging in your area. All these mentioned cardio workout could be more beneficial if you will follow the following points listed down in this article after research and consultation from expert trainers. The basic concept remains the same though which is to stay motivated and enjoy your cardio workout sessions by following these important ways or tips which will take you to new height of fitness and endurance level.

    The most important way is to first know yourself before planting a foot on the trade mill, track or ground. In simple words you should know your capacity and your goals. You should be very much clear about the importance of the cardio workout so that you can’t even think about skipping them and moving on any other exercise. You need to stay ahead of time and understand what you are going to do.

    If you are one of those who always try to do the cardio workout at the end of your training session and at the end you are so much exhausted that you have to skip it than you must follow the simple rule, which is to make strategy about timing like you should do the cardio exercise at first place and then move to other exercises. The concept is to just do the cardio workout instead of skipping them. Be smart in your workout routine and add cardio workout if not on week days than on weekends.

    While you are running on trade mill as a part of your cardio workout and thinking about a movie which you will have to watch after it than sorry you won’t be gaining much from this session as expert say stay focus on one thing at a time. So it’s better to keep your focus on cardio workout and training when you are on trade mill rather than thinking about movie.

    Warm-ups are integral part of training sessions. You need to do the warm-ups. It will only decrease the chance of injury and increase mobility. If you skip warm-ups than you better know that you are one the verge of an injury.

    If you are not training yourself for a long marathon or race don’t try to run on similar pace for extended period. Always try to vary your pace because it impacts and increase the metabolism of your body more than running on similar pace.

    Sprints are important not only for cardio workout but for other training sessions as well. Try to use sprints in your routine running on street or trade mill. It will not only help your metabolism but also help you in building leg muscles.

    Always try to oppose the voice coming from your head to stop the running as you start feeling tired. Once you will master the art of controlling your head thoughts of opposing you will be able to stay on the trade mill for longer periods of time.

    Fitness and workout is all about being consistent and maintaining discipline for the sake of your body. One cardio workout session won’t make drastic changes in your body but one month cardio workout session you will do with consistency will make many changes in your body. So try to be motivated and consistent.

    Always keeps the record about how much you ran on the trade mill these week with the amount of time you took to reach there as well. These numbers will not only boost your morale but also motivate you and urge you to go further and achieve a greater landmark than the achieved one.

    Take a break calm down yourself while running on the treadmill. Keeping your heart rate high is not the ideal scenario for cardio workouts. Taking a break is not prohibited. Slow the momentum as it will help you to recover your stamina after some intense workout.


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