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    Monday, 19 February 2018

    Why you should Stop being a giver in dating

    In most friendships or relationships, you discover that there are always givers and receivers. Being a giver is amazing if done in moderation but can be disastrous if done overboard.
    For a giver, saying no is seen as a taboo but sometimes, it is necessary to say No! Investing your time and effort into a relationship and bending backward to please the other party without getting any in return can be emotionally draining and quite unhealthy. 
    How do you know if you are the giver? I will reply that with some questions that can be indicators. Are you always the one initiating conversations with the other person? Are you more interested in others and their life more than they are with yours? 
    The best relationships are the ones that strike a balance between receiving and giving that no one can lay claim to either title. When you comfortably accept the role of being a giver, you will develop resentment because you will always be taken advantage of.
    The beauty of relationships is the coming together of two people who are partners and will work as a team. It is the reciprocity of care, and when it is coming from one end alone, it means that you are probably just trying too much.
    Stop over investing yourself in relationships where the other doesn’t bother; you just may give too much of yourself till there is nothing left to give.

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